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Working towards understanding how 21st Century and student learning can occur in the same space

My Journey into STEAM education = How to Teach Coding Like a Granny — Joel Speranza

Hey readers, I am sharing this post from Joel Speranza, as a way to find different ways to build upon my ideas on how to introduce STEAM education in particular coding to my students. The digital technologies curriculum is here... Continue Reading →


How can innovation be embraced – my journey into STEAM education

Hey readers, Following on from this week's Aussie ED twitter chat which was based around Innovation, I had one of those light bulb moments where I started thinking about how innovation could be encouraged in my new role and where... Continue Reading →

Makerspaces – My journey into STEAM education

Hey readers, Recently I wrote about my beginning journey into the world of STEAM education at my school and what my plans were to begin the journey. This post is going to discuss why I would like to add a... Continue Reading →

Beginning of a new journey – STEAM Coordinator

My role recently at school has been transitioned where come next year I will be in charge of the STEAM program. Some people may ask what is STEAM? It is an educational term relating to Science & Technology interpreted through... Continue Reading →

#WalkOn – My experiences from DigiCon16

Some many great experiences and memories from the recent DLTV - DigiCon16 conference. Starting off with an awesome keynote from Rosie and Lucy Thomas, co-founders of Project Rockit describing how their passion for creating social change helps many young people... Continue Reading →

Don’t Accept the Default — Teachers Matter

This is a great and powerful tool that every teacher let alone first year teacher's should follow. Thanks Lee Aroz for a great read This post was originally part of a speech I gave for the Kappa Delta Pi Induction... Continue Reading →

Teach Tech Play Conference – Day 2 #TTPlay

Hey readers, After a jam packed Day 1, I arrived all ready for another day full of learning and networking with other educators aiming to build upon the knowledge already gained from the previous day. The first keynote for the... Continue Reading →

Teach Tech Play Conference – Day 1 #ttplay

Hey readers, Today I attended the first day of the Teach Tech Play conference - "designed by teachers for teachers". Even though I have been following Teach Tech Play for 6 months or more through their monthly episode on YouTube,... Continue Reading →

Does motivation relate to learning?

Hey readers, Whilst on break from my teaching job, I am in the middle of completing a subject around understanding what learning is and who actually can learn. This week's topic was all about Motivation. Whilst watching many different clips... Continue Reading →

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