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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Hey readers, This past weekend I participated in an online chat based on looking forward to 2018 but also looking back on the things that we have achieved in 2017. Whilst this usually for me is a challenge to reminisce... Continue Reading →


Easily create a TV studio in your classroom with TouchCast

Hey readers,

Thanks to Steve Brophy for the inspiration in learning how to use TouchCast with my students. This post is all about how best to use this tool and to have the ability to work collaboratively to create your own professional looking video presentation.

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transformative learning

Having a school run TV studio is a pipedream for many schools and for those that have one up and running, there is a tremendous amount of work required to get the final product polished. Planning and researching the content, rehearsing and taping the segments, setting up the designated space, editing, the list goes on… A list long enough to stop people before they begin.

But what if you could really simplify this process and allow the students to lead it?

This is where TouchCast Studio comes in.

TouchCast Studio is a free iPad application that allows students to create ‘smart videos’ which the viewer can interact with. By that I mean, a viewer does not simply just watch the video but they can interact with the displayed content. Our 1:1 iPad program is from Year 3-6 and TouchCast Studio is one of the most heavily used creation applications due to…

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#aussieED chat – The Power of a PLN

Hey readers, Building on one of my goals for 2017 was to start leading professional learning opportunities in the form of presenting at conferences as well as be a part of more online chat sessions on Twitter and other forms... Continue Reading →

Innovation – Not being afraid of trying something new

Hey readers, It has been a while since my last post, however it hasn't gone without plenty of learning new things and teaching a range of different classes. The basis behind this post is around being Innovative, especially not being... Continue Reading →

Does building relationships help collaboration

Hey readers, As I am working towards starting work again next week after the summer break I have been doing a little reading and watching clips around collaboration and relationships. I have chosen to do this as a way at... Continue Reading →

Who will the 21st Century Learner be?

Hey readers, In Australia we are currently in the last 3 weeks before school goes back after our Summer break and whilst I have been enjoying the time playing with my children at the playgrounds, swimming in the pool or... Continue Reading →

My Journey into STEAM education = Using Skype in the Classroom

Hey readers, To better understand my new role, I have been completing many courses in the Microsoft Educator Community focusing on ways in which to implement new technology into our curriculum. Recently I completed a short course on bringing other... Continue Reading →

My journey into STEAM education – Learning space design inspiration

Thanks to Steve Brophy for posting this blog regarding how to develop the best learning space. As part of my new role, I will be providing students the opportunity to create and develop many new things such as learning how... Continue Reading →

My Journey into STEAM education = How to Teach Coding Like a Granny — Joel Speranza

Hey readers, I am sharing this post from Joel Speranza, as a way to find different ways to build upon my ideas on how to introduce STEAM education in particular coding to my students. The digital technologies curriculum is here... Continue Reading →

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