I currently teach in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and have a passion for teaching in the ICT, STEAM and Mathematics field. My current role is looking after the ICT needs of staff, students and the wider school community. I am always wanting to learn new things and implement change within the classroom that helps my students become independent thinkers.

Educational Philosophy

Teaching is being excited about developing the learning of others and creating an environment in which students can flourish.  In my classroom, being able to be flexible and versatile is encouraged and using my passion for technology this provides students the opportunity to express their own ideas in an authentic purpose and meaning.  In doing so, focusing towards using a variety of tools to support their learning.  Being a leader and educator allows me to constantly develop 21st century skills that I am able to pass on to student’s every day. Being a lifelong learner has allowed me to create memories that last a lifetime, and in teaching students I hope to continue these memories.  Building positive relationships within the classroom, allows students the ability to build upon feeling valued and respected but also the opportunity to develop their own identity in a safe environment.  Allowing students the chance to collaborate with others in and outside the classroom provides them with the chance to build external relationships and learn from others where they otherwise wouldn’t have that opportunity.