Hey readers,

Thanks to Kasey Bell and Matt Miller for their inspiration on this post regarding Google Slides. Kasey and Matt like to refer to Slides as the Swiss army knife of Gsuite because of its variety.

As this school year is coming to a close in Australia, I have come to realize this tool as my go to when I am wanting to create an engaging experience for my students. With Google Slides this year I have been able to create the following resources that my students have been provided with:
1. Created new presentations and updating previously created presentations that were able to include tools such as embedding YouTube videos.
2. Share presentations and collaborate with other staff members in the same presentation at the same time.
3. Creating yearbooks that provided all my students the opportunity to participate and reminisce on the year.
4. Staff Presentations and link Screencastify videos, that provides the opportunity to review content at a later stage.
5. Interactive presentations that allow students direct involvement, including the user of Pear Deck to encourage students to participate in classroom discussions
6. As an introductory task, I asked my students to create their own vision boards where they were required to include their goals for the upcoming year.

Whilst using Slides has been a constant learning process throughout the year, having the opportunity to pass on my knowledge with other colleagues as well as students have been the highlight. I have included below Kasey and Matt’s Google Teacher Tribe episode all about Google Slides, that hopefully will provide some inspiration to others as it has done with me to try using Slides in their classroom.

Till next time