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Thanks to Steve Brophy for the inspiration in learning how to use TouchCast with my students. This post is all about how best to use this tool and to have the ability to work collaboratively to create your own professional looking video presentation.

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Having a school run TV studio is a pipedream for many schools and for those that have one up and running, there is a tremendous amount of work required to get the final product polished. Planning and researching the content, rehearsing and taping the segments, setting up the designated space, editing, the list goes on… A list long enough to stop people before they begin.

But what if you could really simplify this process and allow the students to lead it?

This is where TouchCast Studio comes in.

TouchCast Studio is a free iPad application that allows students to create ‘smart videos’ which the viewer can interact with. By that I mean, a viewer does not simply just watch the video but they can interact with the displayed content. Our 1:1 iPad program is from Year 3-6 and TouchCast Studio is one of the most heavily used creation applications due to…

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