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Building on one of my goals for 2017 was to start leading professional learning opportunities in the form of presenting at conferences as well as be a part of more online chat sessions on Twitter and other forms of social media.
Whilst I was able to achieve one of these goals when I co-presented with Steve Brophy on our different journeys within STEAM at our schools, tonight I achieved another by individually hosting the weekly Twitter chat for #aussieED which was labeled “The Power of a PLN” .


Starting my own PLN

Initially, I started my PLN on Twitter in 2013 when I attended one of my first PD sessions at the VITTA conference and saw how many others were connecting, learning and sharing their ideas through instantaneous feedback. I was intrigued with how easy it was to understand the new content and share knowledge. At first, knowing where to start and what to search was difficult, until I was pointed in the right direction of searching for hashtags based on teacher-led chats. My first was to connect with #aussieED led by Brett Salakas , Zeina Chalich , Kelly, Rob and Maggie. Over the previous 4 years I have learn so much from this chat.

Another great chat that I have previously mentioned in my blog is #TTPlay as part of Teach Tech Play led by Eleni Kryitsis and Steve Brophy .
Being able to present content within the context of both of these chats, have provided me with confidence and much knowledge that I can know share with others including my students.

The Power of PLN – #aussieED chat

The reasons for wanting to host a chat, was a combination of further developing my own PLN (Professional Learning Network) with educators around Australia and the rest of the world, learn what other educators are doing in their classrooms around building their own PLN and the use of social media and finally to further improve my skill set in running professional learning.

Below is the full chat captured through the use of a Storify. I highly recommend any teachers out there who aren’t connected on Twitter to give it a go, as I have learned and continue to learn many new ideas and techniques that can be used in any classroom.

DDuWJgEXcAA42Ml.jpg. Thanks to Chuck Poole for this great image.

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