Hey readers,

As I am working towards starting work again next week after the summer break I have been doing a little reading and watching clips around collaboration and relationships. I have chosen to do this as a way at looking towards continuously building my skills as a teacher as well as a listener.

One of the key points that kept coming to me whilst I was reading and watching was Does building relationships help collaboration in the classroom. I have always worked towards building a positive rapport with my students initially as I felt that having positivity always allowed students to feel that their opinions were valued. As I have recently learnt more about 21st Century learning and how to best implement these tools in the classroom, I have found that allowing collaboration in the classroom provides more of an opportunity to give students more self-direction and drive to do their best.

The image and clip below is of Rita Pierson in her TED Talk titled “Every Kid needs a champion”, and after watching this clip, another one of my aims for the classroom this year is to work towards encouraging all my students to build relationships with others in the room as well as myself, and I believe that way it will enable collaboration to occur naturally and provide a positive learning environment that allows everyone to succeed.


As Tracey Ezard said in her book “The Buzz” having roadblocks in our education can be viewed one of two ways. People that have a fixed mindset, will see these as having no way to overcome them. People that have a growth mindset see these as opportunities for collaboration and to work through new and inspiring ways to create learning opportunities.

What do you think, does building relationships help collaboration?

Till next time,