Hey readers,

Following on from this week’s Aussie ED twitter chat which was based around Innovation, I had one of those light bulb moments where I started thinking about how innovation could be encouraged in my new role and where I can lead innovation for my students.

8 characteristics of the Innovators Mindset – George Couros


Using the above infographic from Geroge Couros as inspiration, each of the eight characteristics are areas in which I aim to target during this exciting stage of my role. Whilst each are individually important, my favourites are problem finders, risk – takers, creators and reflective.

Problem Finders – Risk Takers

Having students and I guess teachers who actively seek out problems to solve is an environment where innovation should thrive. Encouraging others to have a growth mindset where taking risks and solving problems to tasks that initially were only thoughts and ideas is my aim that I am wanting to build within my role.

Creators and being reflective

In developing some new initiatives in my role, such as a pop-up makerspace my main aim is to build an environment where students feel empowered to try new things and always reflect on what has been successful or not. Encouraging them to always question how they are working towards the task and could working collaboratively with others get a positive result.


With the quick wins that I have mentioned previously New Journey such as using sphero’s, lego robots and drones this I am aiming will provide ample opportunities for innovation from students and the also the necessary buy in from other staff to build upon.

Till next time