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Recently I wrote about my beginning journey into the world of STEAM education at my school and what my plans were to begin the journey. This post is going to discuss why I would like to add a makerspace to our STEAM program and also developing a better understanding of what is required to set up a Makerspace.

What is a Makerspace

‘Maker’ spaces are zones of self-directed learning. Their hands-on character, coupled with the tools and raw materials that support invention, provide the ultimate workshop for the tinkerer and the perfect educational space for individuals who learn best by doing. DigiPubs – Making .

When I first knew that I was starting this program, my views around what STEAM education was for students to be able to collaborate and communicate with others, be able to design,create and problem solve. Creating a makerspace can have the ability for students at my school to do all these but also have fun in the process.

What I am planning to include

Initially, I would like to include an area for students to play with the school’s Sphero’s and Lego NXT Robots with the view to include other stations such as learning how to code with Scratch and Osmo, creating a green screen for students to experiment with video creation, learn how to use the school’s drone and also use the school’s 3D printers.

Some cool images of what other’s have created in Makerspaces



Thanks to STEM at Calrossy for the great images.

Look forward to hearing others thoughts on how to create this wonderful learning opportunity for students