My role recently at school has been transitioned where come next year I will be in charge of the STEAM program. Some people may ask what is STEAM? It is an educational term relating to Science & Technology interpreted through
Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements. It allows learning to be delivered by educators in an integrated way, helping a deeper engagement in the five disciplines for our students. Personally, I am excited about the prospect of being able to develop capabilities in the students at my school such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration and decision making.

As it is still a relatively new concept at school, I am at a position where in planning for next year and beyond I feel I am beginning a new journey in my educational career. The big question to start is actually that – Where do I begin in planning to integrate this new journey?

Even though attending a number of conferences throughout this year has given me many ideas, it wasn’t until a meeting with Steve Brophy that I had today that has provided me with plenty of clear ideas in which I can guide my planning into the future.

Beginning this journey I aim to focus on finding ways in which I can embed STEAM focussed activities into the existing and also into the new Digital Technologies curriculum due to be implemented in 2017.

Some of the things that I aim to do in the beginning will be: –

  • Create quick wins with both staff and students so that I can build a culture of “Wow, I can do this in my class”
  • Look at ways in which the opportunity of building pop up makerspaces
  • Providing as much as possible evidence of learning from students, staff and leadership enjoying the activities
  • Provide the opportunity for staff to create and implement flipped learning into their classroom
  • Introduce the use of different tools such as Sphero into all levels of curriculum from Foundation up to Year 12

In future posts, I will be providing updates on my lessons learnt on what has worked and what hasn’t, and how I have built upon the how into the why of integrating STEAM into the curriculum.

Till next time