Some many great experiences and memories from the recent DLTV – DigiCon16 conference. Starting off with an awesome keynote from Rosie and Lucy Thomas, co-founders of Project Rockit describing how their passion for creating social change helps many young people around Australia. They were such an inspiration and spoke about things that brought home many truths from my time in Secondary School.

I then attended a session based around improving my understanding in how to best use the suite of Microsoft products in an Education setting. We learnt how to use OneNote’s new function “Class Notebook”, Word’s “Text to Speech” and the most exciting tool Microsoft Forms. I can see myself using this as an excellent way to provide immediate feedback for students engagement and understanding of any topic.

Next session I attended was based around how Robotics can be used in the classroom. An area of education in which I am becoming increasingly interested in especially where I can engage students to want to learn more about coding. Whether it was using Dash and Dot, Bee-Bots or my favourite Sphero, I have discovered there are many options when deciding to implement Robotics into any educational context.

By far the most powerful and inspirational session of the day was the keynote from Steve Brophy. The main message from this keynote was about better understanding passion and ‘walking on’ to new opportunities and challenges. From this keynote, it has inspired me to #WalkOn and sign up to be a presenter at the 2017 DigiCon conference. With the support from educators such as Steve, Dean Pearman and others it has given me the confidence to stand up and walk on to this exciting experience.

My last session of the conference was to attend Teaching Computational Thinking and Coding using Scratch. Although I have heard of Scratch, I have actually never used the program in my classroom. During this session I was introduced to the many powerful tools that scratch has at its disposal. The best part about this program that I have now discovered is that it can be targeted to a wide range of students and will fully engage them into better understanding and developing their coding skills.

Thank you to all the presenters and organisers for another wonderful conference and I look forward to attending and also presenting at next years.

Till next time