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Whilst on break from my teaching job, I am in the middle of completing a subject around understanding what learning is and who actually can learn. This week’s topic was all about Motivation.

Whilst watching many different clips and completing the readings I have found that to better understand how or why students want to learn, it can directly relate to the amount of motivation they have at any one time.

Promoting Motivation, Health, and Excellence: Ed Deci

Whilst there are many different forms of motivation, intrinsic motivation is one that can be develop both individually but also help my students to build. Deci suggested that “is not ask how you can be better motivate someone, but rather how can I create the conditions in which other people motivate themselves?”. By providing students the opportunities or conditions to find that one hook, this will then give them the motivation to want to succeed in anything they do in their lives.

Whilst my instrinsic motivation comes from wanting to do the best for my family, and providing the best conditions for my students, I also at times struggle to find that passion to become better.

How does motivation drive you to become better and does motivation actually relate to the learning of students?

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