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Recently I have begun taking my first subject in my Masters degree called “Developing Learners and Learning”. Part of the first assessment in this subject is trying to work out as students rather than teachers who learners actually are?

John Hunter – Teaching with the World Peace Game

He discusses about creating a space for his students to create and make meaning out of their own learning and understanding. As my own teaching evolves every time I enter a classroom, I am always learning different ways in which students are engaged in the classroom and therefore find that human beings learn in many different ways.

How can we ensure that learning occurs in class

Personally I find that being able to build a very strong rapport / relationship with each and every student that I teach helps allow the opening of learning to occur within the classroom. Whether that be having one on one conversations on how well they are grasping new topics or how confident they are in asking probing questions that question other students understanding (and mine too).


Being able to share the passing of knowledge between all in the classroom rather than being a one dimensional classroom whether the teacher is teaching the students I believe has allowed students (and myself) to learn far much more and to improve on a daily basis.

As John states in his talk, spontaneous compassion doesn’t get planned for, is unexpected and unpredicatable. Surely this is the aim of every teacher to have a classroom that embodies that with the students and teachers working towards learning and teaching together.

My son learning

Nate Kinder

Till next time, aim to provide the opportunities for everyone to have the chance to learn something new.