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Recently I came across the following the following TedX clip about how educators can embrace change within schools to improve their teaching and learning of their students.

Schools that work for kids

This clip resonated with me as I always try to embrace change through my teaching whether that be to learn more about the teachings of IT in the 21st Century and how I can continue to improve my classroom environment to ensure that students are always engaged in the content that I am teaching.

Being able to change the mindset of educators and students to a degree to embrace change when it comes to technology is something I find to be constantly difficult. I find that working on developing opportunities for students to have the ability to collaborate in class and even out of it needs everyone to work together, where really this shouldn’t be the case.

Embracing change should be an enjoyable journey that is experienced by everybody rather than just a select few who want to try something new. It shouldn’t be something to be scared or afraid of but rather looked as a chance to be a part of an exciting future for our students.

Students in my class are encouraged to take their ideas in class and work with others to work on embracing change and see what their ideas will look like once completed. My aim is to inspire them by giving them the opportunity to experience different technology opportunities on their PC’s or Ipad’s.

What is your moonshot

The TedX clip discusses how people can take control of your goals and put them into writing. My moonshot is to provide students with as many tools as possible so that they can achieve anything they believe is possible.

What is your Moonshot?

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