DLTV conference

Friday 24th July saw the start of the DLTV State Conference begin at Swinburne University – Hawthorn Campus. This was my second opportunity to attend the event and was very much looking forward to seeing what the day had in store.

My aim of the day was not only to experience the keynotes and presentation but also to learn more about becoming a leader and learning about leading change through technology. What I didn’t expect was to build upon my PLN throughout the day as I was tweeting about my experiences and also seeing things that other students across Victoria are building using technology. From this experience, one of my goals for next year’s conference is to run a session … on what I have no idea yet. It is something that does excite me yet scares me at the same time.

The image here shows one of the better quotes from the day


Also below is a link to a storify article that I created from my twitter account about the day


Till next time