Teacher Feedback classroom survey ESL TEFL

As a teacher we always are providing students with some form of feedback, whether it be formal or informal, verbal or written. The feedback that I aim to provide my students will give them the necessary tools to improve their skills and knowledge moving forward in their educational journey.

However recently as a teaching cohort, my colleagues and I were asked why is receiving feedback just as important as giving good feedback. This is when I thought “how can I receive positive feedback in the classroom and from who?”

Whether it is a student providing written feedback via a Google Form (something that I am wanting to implement during this current semester), students building up their confidence to improve their test scores or formally through a colleague sitting down over a coffee and working through some data that they have taken from your class, feedback I am slowly learning is helping me develop many different ways to improve my own teaching but also learning.

Over the next semester I am aiming to implement a few different strategies in the classroom that will hopefully provide me with some positive feedback. Some of the activities that I am wanting to do include exit forms using Google Forms giving to students at the end of a class to gauge their understanding of the class, undertake peer feedback and also set up a video feed at the back of the classroom.

As Bill Gates states in the attached video “we all need people who give us feedback as it is the only way to improve”.

Till next time