Hey readers,

During a twitter chat this evening, all participants were asked “Why do we teach”?  I had to ponder that question for a while before I actually came up with a definitive answer.  

Firstly, I like to learn first and foremost as I believe that the profession of teaching is one that you cant stop learning from.  The best learning comes when one teaches what they learned.  As a teacher that has a range of students from the age of 8 all the up to age 18, one of the main reasons that I teach is to see the reaction of their faces when they discover that they really can do something and now have the strategies to do it.


Following on from this point, I enjoy the fact that as teachers we are able to make a difference with how students embrace learning.  The biggest challenge that I have found in my nearly five years of teaching is building and challenging students to believe that they can achieve anything they want to.  I came across this image during the same twitter chat that started this conversation, where I encourage students to experience failure, not as a negative but as a positive outcome.

As part of my ongoing professional development this year, I am wanting to better understanding how as a teacher I can embrace a growth mindset personally but also for my students to be able to learn and improve from failures.  I have found that a growth mindset always see the positive in any learning outcomes whereas a fixed mindset is limited to only what you believe or already know.  This is also one of the major challenges that I have faced throughout my teaching so far.

The video clips below shows some examples of how a growth mindset can be used with the view of “the power of belief”.  As a teacher my aim is to challenge my students beliefs (especially in my senior classes) to say when things get tough, believe that they can achieve anything.

Finally, I teach to build relationships / rapport with students, that I would hope to allow learning to happen positively and gives the students the believe that learning is a journey that has no ending.  If as a teacher you dont know your student, it ends up making a difficult journey throughout the year to achieve a positive result.

Till next time