One of my favourite shows and has been since the begininng.

Survivor Oz


In the first twenty seasons of Survivor, the reveal of the location for the next season was eagerly anticipated during the sneak peek segment of every reunion show. However during the new era of Survivor the show has worried less about new and interesting locations and more about twists to differentiate back to back seasons filmed in the same country. The season 20 to 30 block has been particularly stagnant with just 3 countries visited over 10 seasons. With exciting new rumours suggesting that season 31 and 32 could be headed to Cambodia to film, hopefully Survivor fans can look forward to a change of scenery and some unique art design to fit the location. For today’s feature article, Ozlet Noah Groves looks at some potential new locations for the show to visit. Read on to find out where in the world Survivor should go!

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