Hello readers,

Recently I have become more interested in not only have teachers teach but how best to improve the way in which students are able to learn.  So to better understand this concept I am watching a YouTube channel called “TeachTechPlay”

In the recent episode, one topic covered an area which I am wanting to develop my skills around and that is Google Drive.  During this topic, it showed how the basic skills of Excel such as conditional formatting can be used in a Google Sheet when keeping track of different student achieving set goals.

Another interesting and cool place to improve knowledge in our teaching is on Twitter.  Each Sunday night, a range of teachers from around the world participate in a #twitterchat called #aussieED.  Depending on the week topics could include growth mindset versus fixed mindset and how we as teachers can further develop students to question what they are learning to improve their own skills.

Aussie Ed

aussieEd clip

Whilst continuing to build this knowledge on top of learning more about creating apps, I am aiming to present a few of these ideas that I have learnt to the staff at my school.

Till next time