Hello readers,

It has been a while since my last post (last check about a year)

Rossman last week attended a PD session titled “Let Make IT in 2015”

This was aimed at new and old teachers of Information Technology in Years 11 and 12 to share knowledge and skills to all who attended and also get a better understanding of the new study design that will be implemented in 2016.

*Taken at “Let Make IT in 2015” – Friday 28th November

The session allow me to get a understanding of how I work through my Year 11 curriculum especially and will give me the confidence to re-write and add more content to focus more on the practical rather than the theory.  In talking with other educators, I found that students responded better to hands on tasks with the theory component added in throughout the lessons.

The new study design is going to be very interesting with both 2 of the current 3 subjects changing names to Computing (Year 11 IT) and Informatics (Year 12 IT Applications).  There will also be a new subject being introduced in a number of Victorian schools next year called Algorithmics.  This subject allows students to gain some specific skills in understanding Algorithmics and also work with Melbourne University and RMIT.

Till next time (promise it wont be another year between posts)