Hello readers,

This week sees the end of the Year 12 students IT Applications journey as they are to sit their end of year examination tomorrow (Monday 4th November) at 3pm.

Below students will find the practice exams and answers that we went through in class as a way to best prepare themselves for the pressures of the exam.

2011 IT Apps Exam

Practice Exam 2 – Solutions

Practice Exam 1

Practice Exam 2

Practice Exam 1 – Solutions

2012 IT Apps Exam

Students have been encouraged to complete all these exams as well as consult with Rossman if they encounter any issues with any topic that we have covered throughout the year. On our school intranet page you will also find tips on how best to Section A and Section B of the exam.

Good Luck to all my students and will look forward to hearing from you all to see how you went.

Till next time