Hello readers,

Following on from yesterday’s post regarding the new challenges that lay ahead for Rossman in being given a Year 7 Tutor Group and teaching Year 7 Maths for the first time. It also has brought up a interesting yet exciting prospect for me as I now must learn and get up to speed on how to use my Ipad and integrate that into my Teaching and Learning Philosophy.

As our middle school are currently using the Ipad technology in all their classes I am quite looking forward to being able to improve and change my teaching to incorporate this challenge but also use it as part of my senior school teaching with IT.

The feature of using programs such as Notes, Pages, Keynote and Evernote is that they give the user the ability to save their work as they go and then be able to access the work anywhere. As I continue to learn more about these products I will write a new post detailing how I am using these within my teaching.

Till next time