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What is Social Networking?

You might say to yourself that it is just Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. In some aspects you are correct, however as my Year 11 and 12 IT students discovered it is more than just these at times addictive websites. Social networking is the new way in which people communicate online and as they grow the membership demographic changes. It encourages to share interests, stories thoughts and photos.

A Day in the Life of Social Media

Even though this video clip is a few years old it gives readers the idea that social networking is more than just logging in to see what your friends are doing at any one time.

We discussed in general why people join these social networking sites. But through research and class discussion we found that they come in all different shapes and sizes and are set up for a specific purpose. Online Communities have also become a secondary form of communication between people who know each other in real life.
The main purposes are listed below: –

    To broadcast information and events
    To facilitate discussions
    To store and develop knowledge

Not only are the Facebooks, Twitters or YouTubes social networking sites, but Blogs, Wikis and Forums are seen as forms of this technological change in society. This is due to the reasons listed above – being able to broadcast information, facilitate discussion and share knowledge.

Social Networking in Plain English

An oldie but one that I like to show my students to give a very basic background knowledge regarding the topic of Social Networking.

Will let you decide what Social Networking is to you.

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