Hello readers,

It has been two weeks since my last blog, this is due to Rossman being extremely busy preparing the Year 12 students that I teach for their end of year VCAA Information Technology Applications exam. With these students moving on once their exams are finished to further study or full time employment, it has been a pleasure to teach them a variety of techniques and skills that will help them in whatever their hopes and dreams take them.

Are you a leader – Motivation

The video above is a great YouTube clip discussing how anyone can become a leader as long as they put their mind to becoming their best.

So as the class of 2013 move on to greener pastures, I have been lucky enough to also been provided with new challenges for my next year of teaching. This includes working with Year 7’s in teaching both Mathematics and being their Tutor. I am taking this challenge on with two hands as I will have the challenge of working with students first experience into Secondary schooling as well as learning new subjects.

Congratulations to all my Year 12 students and bring on the new challenges that lay ahead in 2014. As the video states “A leader might fall, but they grow from their experiences”.

Till next time