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How can this product help the average person create their own website?

As said on the Wix website “Wix is a free website building platform. Create stunning websites by using one of our templates or start your website from scratch!
No technical skills are required and it is search engine friendly”.

I have had the great opportunity to try this program out in preparation for teaching a new subject as my school in 2014 that includes teaching introductory web design as part of running a business online. Initially I wasnt sure exactly how best to tackle the task, whether I should have worked with Dreamweaver but I decided with the everchanging nature of technology I would give an online free program a chance.

How to Build a Website with Wix.com

As the above video has shown creating your own website using the drag and drop method (in Dreamweaver it is called the WYSIWYG [What you see is what you get] method). Using this method allows beginners to have the ability to create their own website quick and easily without having to learn the skills around HTML5 or even any other computing language.

The great part about this free website program is that you have the ability to select any template from the free lists available to suit what your specific needs are. For my test website I have chosen to create a sporting website based around my favourite baseball team the Detroit Tigers.

Once you have chosen your template and clicked on edit the site, you will be taken to the actual website editor where the following video will be shown. It is quite brief yet gives all users the chance to understand how best to create your site.

Once you have watched the above video, you are free to be as creative as you like in building your own website.

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