Hello Readers,

Now that we have finished our Unit 4 Outcome 1 SAC, we are ready to start delving into our final outcome of the two year Information Technology subject. By now you have covered most of the major topics that is required throughout the 4 units of IT including data and information, working with excel, web design and databases. The last topic that is required to be covered security and ethical considerations.

Some questions that we need to ask are : –

    what are some types of threats to security of organisations information
    what are the legal obligations that organisations face to oversea the storage, communication and disposal of data and information
    what are the possible consequences if organisations security fails their consumers?
    what is cloud computing and what impact does that have on data security?

In preparation for the start of this outcome, students will need to read “Importance of Data and Information” in Chapter 7 of the textbook.

Till next time