Hey readers,

I am working towards building an exciting Year 10 IT curriculum for this semester and I am trying to envisage what the best way to implement blogs, so that students are fully engaged into the subject.

This subject is for the students to experience just a taste of what Web 2.0 has to offer through a range of different tools and techniques and for them to give their opinion on this through writing their own blog.

We initially started creating these amazing tools in Google Blogger, however some students encountered some problems when they were asked to provide their phone numbers for verification purposes (in which they refused to do). They then asked “how can we create a blog”. I think to counteract this problem, I will suggest that they can create their own blog in WordPress (thanks to Daniel Garcia for providing me with ways to implement this through his presentation at the recent VITTA conference) and then build on each post as we experience new and exciting tools and techniques.

This week we are looking at working with Adobe Flash to create animations that involve creating a shape following a path and also a bouncing ball. The end aim of this is to build towards working on Stop – Motion animation. As Adam Elliot said during his recent keynote presentation at the “There are NO barriers to what you can achieve with your students. Take a risk! Or 10! Be creative. Be innovative”.

The whole aim of the subject is for the students is to have the license to show off their creative might in a classroom setting having many different tools at their disposal.

Till later