This entry sees me reflecting on my first VITTA conference held at Caulfield Racecourse on 12th and 13th August, 2013.  I went to the conference both excited and nervous at the same time.  The aim of me attending was to develop ways in which to create effective and engaging student learning in my IT classes at school.

First day I attended the keynote presentation by Bruce Dixon, who is the founder of Ideas Lab.  During his presentation he spoke about many things, but the most powerful message that I took from this was that through “leadership in teaching you can expect more”

The rest of the day was spent attending numerous sessions based around improving student engagement, creative an effective learning environment and how best to manage change in schools.  These sessions were extremely valuable as I took many ideas on how I can improve my own teaching as well as make many contacts in the IT teaching community.

Second day started off with an amazing key note by the Academy Award Winning Film Director – Adam Elliot.  Throughout his witty and funny presentation, the 2 main topics that came through were “confidence, commitment and passion gets you places” and “There are NO barriers to what you can achieve with your students. Take a risk! Or 10! Be creative. Be innovative”.

Once again the rest of the second day was spent trying to get as much in as possible especially in the area of how I can using numerous online (social media ) tools in the classroom to enhance the experience of both myself and my students.

Definitely looking forward to attending next year’s VITTA conference and maybe even presenting… Just have to come up with an interesting and exciting topic that was an informative as the presentations that I attending over the duration of the conference.

Till next time