Travelling the road of ICT teaching and eLearning

Working towards understanding how 21st Century and student learning can occur in the same space

#aussieED chat – The Power of a PLN

Hey readers, Building on one of my goals for 2017 was to start leading professional learning opportunities in the form of presenting at conferences as well as be a part of more online chat sessions on Twitter and other forms... Continue Reading →

Innovation – Not being afraid of trying something new

Hey readers, It has been a while since my last post, however it hasn't gone without plenty of learning new things and teaching a range of different classes. The basis behind this post is around being Innovative, especially not being... Continue Reading →

Does building relationships help collaboration

Hey readers, As I am working towards starting work again next week after the summer break I have been doing a little reading and watching clips around collaboration and relationships. I have chosen to do this as a way at... Continue Reading →

Who will the 21st Century Learner be?

Hey readers, In Australia we are currently in the last 3 weeks before school goes back after our Summer break and whilst I have been enjoying the time playing with my children at the playgrounds, swimming in the pool or... Continue Reading →

My Journey into STEAM education = Using Skype in the Classroom

Hey readers, To better understand my new role, I have been completing many courses in the Microsoft Educator Community focusing on ways in which to implement new technology into our curriculum. Recently I completed a short course on bringing other... Continue Reading →

My journey into STEAM education – Learning space design inspiration

Thanks to Steve Brophy for posting this blog regarding how to develop the best learning space. As part of my new role, I will be providing students the opportunity to create and develop many new things such as learning how... Continue Reading →

My Journey into STEAM education = How to Teach Coding Like a Granny — Joel Speranza

Hey readers, I am sharing this post from Joel Speranza, as a way to find different ways to build upon my ideas on how to introduce STEAM education in particular coding to my students. The digital technologies curriculum is here... Continue Reading →

How can innovation be embraced – my journey into STEAM education

Hey readers, Following on from this week's Aussie ED twitter chat which was based around Innovation, I had one of those light bulb moments where I started thinking about how innovation could be encouraged in my new role and where... Continue Reading →

Makerspaces – My journey into STEAM education

Hey readers, Recently I wrote about my beginning journey into the world of STEAM education at my school and what my plans were to begin the journey. This post is going to discuss why I would like to add a... Continue Reading →

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