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Working towards understanding how 21st Century and student learning can occur in the same space

What’s your connection “SUPERPOWER”

Recently I came across a Twitter post from a teaching colleague and host of the #TLAPdownunder chat Karen Caswell discussing what are teacher's superpowers? She mentioned in her post "Teachers know the secret to connecting with their students is building... Continue Reading →

Teaching and Learning – A 10 year journey

As a student throughout primary and secondary school, I always enjoyed leading others as well as coaching whether it be with the school sporting teams assisting my own teachers or as part of the Aussie Sports program running primary school... Continue Reading →

Using Technology to create learning experiences – Tech Like a Pirate Review

Recently, I have been fortunate to read Matt Miller's latest book Tech Like a Pirate which focuses on "using a range of classroom technology to create an experience and make learning memorable" and is based around Dave Burgess' Teach Like... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Professional Learning Reads

#TLAPdownunder #AuthenticityInEDU #DareToLead #ShakeUpLearning #InquiryMindset #DitchBook #tlap #LeadLAP #REALedu #InnovateInsideTheBox #HackingAssessment #InnovatorsMindset #CompelledBlogger #aussieED It’s no secret that I love reading professional, and personal, learning books. You’re my #PLN, my people, you get it! For this post, I’ve teamed up... Continue Reading →

Remote Learning – 3 weeks in from my perspective

After nearly 3 weeks of extended school holidays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought I was prepared to enter the world of remote learning in my role as a Secondary school teacher and ICT Coach. However, what I quickly... Continue Reading →

Engagement and Motivation – Is there a relation in the classroom

In listening recently to the latest episode of Vicki Davis' podcast The Ten Minute Podcast that discusses engagement in the classroom and how another educator uses technology to do so, I was encouraged to think about how engagement and motivation... Continue Reading →

The Tweeting Galah Series – Reflection

Over this current Australian summer school break, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to read a number of educational textbooks that I am aiming to learn from and integrate their key themes and traits into my classrooms... Continue Reading →

#DitchSummit – Thoughts and takeaways

Hey readers, Over the last few weeks from December 21 to January 8, 2020, I was able to participate in an online conference organised by Matt Miller, author of Ditch That Textbook where this year had 9 separate sessions that... Continue Reading →

#OneWord2020 – Accomplish

Hey readers, Following on from reading a number of different blog posts especially drawing inspiration from Kelly Hollis' post , I have started to think about what would be my focus for 2020. Below is a word cloud of the... Continue Reading →

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